yes! Willa Rae Adamo will also be playing solo piano songs this evening


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we at the trumbullplex love Alley Culture and, with the recent damage that was inflicted upon it, are honored to be hosting a benefit to help cover the cost of repairs

the night will feature Will of Purple 7 and Defiance, Ohio with excellent shredding, Los Lumbrizes the ever mysterious lucha dummies from Ann Arbor, 70s pop gods psych Harpooner from Nashville, and a surprise guest

doors 8pm
all ages as always
$6 donation please which will all directly go to Alley Culture


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zeahorse, experimental psych punk from australia, will now be playing last to close out the night!


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Tuesday 9/30 – Joyride! (SF, CA), Peach Pit, Growwing Pains, Shitty Roomate

Tuesday, September 30th


Joyride! are a three piece pop punk band from San Francisco, CA who are touring with their new record.

Growwing Pains are a five-piece garage-punk band from Detroit.

Peach Pit are a four-piece and play short pop punk songs with lots of whoa’s.  New Tape out on Gold Tapes.

Shitty Roommate are a three piece cometbus-y pop punk band playing their first show.

4208 Trumbull Ave
Doors at 7PM
$6 Donation

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We/Ours (Minneapolis), Marx Marston, Phosphor Elephants: October 4


“Shoegaze” is a word that’s been repeated until it’s lost all definition. (Which, oddly enough, is exactly the kind of effect that shoegaze music evokes!) But there’s no avoiding it: We/Ours is a shoegaze band. With members of Minneapolis favorites such as Sundowners, Frozen Teens, and Causal User, We/Ours have their origins in punk and hardcore. But now, they step on the pedals, and drive off in a dreamier direction. The guitars hum like a well-tuned engine, the songs roll past like sun dappled scenery, and the destination’s always over the horizon.


Marx Marston’s new age dance-pop is the most intriguing musical phenomenon in Detroit today. Josie Vee and Lily Nyooni combine obvious talent with enigmatic glamour. Ancient wisdom with digital media. R&B glitter with DIY grit. This allows them to explore themes that might seem trite in lesser hands. Marx Marston manage to make spiritual enlightenment seem like a fresh concept. Any band that can pull that off is doing crucial work, and we’re thrilled that the Trumbullplex can be a part of it.


Flint’s Phosphor Elephants understand synth pop to be a style of blues. Oh, they’re not all Blueshammer about it. But like Yazoo before them, they use electronic instruments to tap into the same urgent rhythms and honest stories that have fueled more than a hundred years of popular music. Of course, in 2014, synth pop has its own set of traditions. Phosphor Elephants draw upon those as well, thrifting all sorts of lovable 80s kitsch, and slathering it in a fresh coat of day glo.


Saturday, October 4
7 pm
All ages
$6 suggested donation
4210 Trumbull

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pilehell yeah! dear friends pile from boston are returning for a mid-october saturday evening of the most crucialness. all of their music fuckin rules

well shit just listen to the whole album:

and on and on. we simply love them and know you will too

and goddamn sweat is coming back to play with them! pretty much the best band around, i shan’t say more as everyone reading this would offer their first born in sacrifice to sweat if need be

make babies or die trying! pee on my butt!! sexual kombucha!!! ham sandwich!!!!

rounding it out, we have prude boys. when spitting off the over-pass must do

bros fall back!
all ages as always
doors 8pm
$6 donation please

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Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 1.27.39 PMearly october musings with watercolor paintings from santa barbara! punk croon rock folk at its finest. i highly recommend. listen here:

for local support, quite the offering is at hand, like junk food junkies are returning to the hallowed plex halls! such good songs and snacks will abound. a free sampling:

quiet grrrl too is returning! solo acoustic folk punk loveliness: my ears cannot wait

what is mountain lizard? the fruition of your wildest dreams:

as always, bros fall back
all ages
doors 7pm, music over 11pm
$6 donation please

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