pilehell yeah! dear friends pile from boston are returning for a mid-october saturday evening of the most crucialness. all of their music fuckin rules



well shit just listen to the whole album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCo0wwy0mas



and on and on. we simply love them and know you will too

and goddamn sweat is coming back to play with them! pretty much the best band around, i shan’t say more as everyone reading this would offer their first born in sacrifice to sweat if need be


make babies or die trying! pee on my butt!! sexual kombucha!!! ham sandwich!!!!


rounding it out, we have prude boys. when spitting off the over-pass must do


bros fall back!
all ages as always
doors 8pm
$6 donation please

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Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 1.27.39 PMearly october musings with watercolor paintings from santa barbara! punk croon rock folk at its finest. i highly recommend. listen here:


for local support, quite the offering is at hand, like junk food junkies are returning to the hallowed plex halls! such good songs and snacks will abound. a free sampling:


quiet grrrl too is returning! solo acoustic folk punk loveliness: my ears cannot wait


what is mountain lizard? the fruition of your wildest dreams:


as always, bros fall back
all ages
doors 7pm, music over 11pm
$6 donation please

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Curse (Baltimore), Little Animal, and Siobhan: September 25


Curse are a doom band, through and through. Jane Vincent’s vocals are raw and anguished. Logan Terkelsen’s drums are slow and heavy. And the mood is dark and ominous. But this doom has been electronically enhanced. Both Vincent and Terkelsen double on keyboards, and their music is as informed by dance floor innovation as it is by metal tradition. Like monsters summoned to a digital screen, ancient terrors are awakened by the modern rhythms.

Curse are visiting from Baltimore, but since Jane Vincent is an old friend of the Trumbullplex, there’s somewhat of a homecoming feel to this show. When a fond reunion has a harsh sound, and archaic fear has a new beat, it’s sure to be a memorable night.


Ever since the synth first went pop, there’s been a classic archetype. At the back of the stage: the cool hand of a technician. At the front: the warm voice of a singer. Little Animal are currently Detroit’s foremost example. Nicholas Morrow dials up the frosty beats. Rachelle Baker calls out to your heart.

It’s good time dance music, for sure: tuneful, propulsive, and inviting. But there’s also something subtly sinister about Little Animal. They describe themselves as making music for ghosts. They show a fondness for Halloween masks. And in every song, there’s a corner even the brightest mirror ball can’t reach.


Southgate is a city named after a shopping center. And it’s known as the home of the 185 pound hamburger. So it’s appropriate that Siobhan’s “Southgate” album evokes bleak asphalt landscapes, and queasy scenes of the suburban surreal. Southgate’s also near Detroit, of course, and this music’s at a short remove from techno’s legacy.

Siobhan is the work of Travis Galloway, who’s also a founder of the wonderful All Gone label. Live and loud, his mechanical clatter, slowmo samples, and beautifully bummed out vibe will have you convinced that “Southgate” refers to neither city nor shopping center, but a portal into the netherworld.


Thursday, September 25
7 pm
All ages
$6 suggested donation
4210 Trumbull

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Recreant (Tampa), Dakhma (Grand Rapids), and Social Werq: September 23


Soaring melodies and feral shrieks. Blast beats and a violin. Like the untamed swamps of their native Florida, Recreant’s music is as beautiful as it is brutal. The band explores a vast expanse of sonic territory, traveling through screamo, grind, crust, black metal, and post-rock. And through it all, they carry a powerful social message, screaming defiance at an oppressive culture, and sharing courage with the oppressed.

For the past seven months, Dakhma have been howling through West Michigan like a cold and filthy wind. In that short time, they’ve stirred up a cloud so large and dark as to be clearly seen from this side of the state. Now the wind turns, and the storm of blackened crust comes roaring towards the Trumbullplex. Expect crushing riffs, pummeling drums, and furious vocals.

Grind. D-beat. And a scholarly discussion of Michigan’s sodomy laws. Social Werq offer harsh music with a healthy perspective, a blend which they brilliantly describe as “power non-violence.” Don’t miss their expanded lineup, which now features two bass players!

Tuesday, September 23
7 pm
All ages
$6 suggested donation
4210 Trumbull

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9/7 – Worriers // Cheapshow // Private Parts // Screams of Christ

Hope to see you at Dally in the Alley today.

Hope to see you here tomorrow:

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9/2 – Eric Ayotte (Plan-it-x Records) and the Gadabout Film Fest!

Tuesday September 2nd.

Come celebrate the first day of school with:

ERIC AYOTTE (Bloomington, IN) Acoustic songs played by this Indiana by way of New York, Plan-it-x records charmer. http://ericayotte.bandcamp.com/

GADABOUT FILM FESTIVAL (Bloomington, IN) In addition to playing songs, Eric will be showing films from the Gadabout Film Festival. http://gadaboutfilmfest.com/

QUIET GRRRL (Detroit, MI) Soft spoken, bedroom recording acoustic folk.http://quietgrrrl.bandcamp.com/

BLAIR ELLIS (Ann Arbor, MI) Folk-pop with lots of feelings.

$6 Donation
Doors @ 7:00 PM
4210 Trumbull Ave.

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