April is here! There are so many shows! See you soon!


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Children’s Book Reading and Puppet Show: John Withee and Blair Ellis

Start your evening with some low-key, all ages fun. On Tuesday, April 8, the Trumbullplex will offer a free event, with knowledge and laughter for the young and the grown. Author John Withee will read from his newly published children’s book “The Scallywags of Nobody’s Island.” Blair Ellis will present a puppet show with multigenerational appeal. So bring the kids, or just your own ageless imagination, and leave the cares of the day behind.


John Withee

In “The Scallywags of Nobody’s Island,” a crew of castaways overthrows its captain, and forms a cooperative community. This illustrated story is intended for children ages 8 – 11, but will resonate with anyone who dreams of a freer society. The author will read us some highlights, and will have copies to sell and sign.

The evening will also feature a puppet show by Blair Ellis. Not only is Blair a musician, zinester, scholar, adventurer, and activist, but also an accomplished puppeteer! When the puppets visit the Trumbullplex, it’s sure to be fun for all.

If you’re looking to make the rest of your evening a little more raucous, you’ll find that the Trumbullplex has that covered too! Immediately following this event is a great punk show, with bands such as Good Throb and Priests. So for some, the reading and puppets will mark the beginning of an epic night.

Children’s Book Reading and Puppet Show
Tuesday, April 8
6:00 pm
4210 Trumbull

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Good Throb (UK), Priests (DC), Cheerleader (Flint), Marrow – Tuesday April 8

WELL GODDAMN. who is ready for a night of fuckin punk music!!!!! i know that i certainly am. i must warn you, though; for those use to punk that is white and straight and male (for real bro? get yourself an education), this show will be quite lacking as each band features multiple radical as hell women-identified members. come experience the glorious possibilities that exist, if only we all can rise to rip the fuckin door of the cage that has everything so neatly sequestered within itself. well we are at it, is not capitalism great? do you know how incredible of a base unit gold is in organic matter? carbon really just completely fails in comparison to gold in such situations. google it. it is totally legit. so when i start going downhill, i am going to be golden (BAM. gold-brain in action right there), thanks specifically to all the bars i have been stockpiling in my basement while i have been completely and utterly disregarding every other possible aspect of human life i come across. go me!

anywho, good throb is FUCKIN COMING FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM TO PLAY PUNK MUSIC FOR US. there is nothing else i could possibly type beyond that to convince you to come to the show. just come. for real. do not be that person


they are bringing goth punkers priests from DC with them for a fair amount of their tour, and this show is no exception. so somehow you needed another reason to attend the show outside of good throb. well look at that. priests


cheerleader. holy crap. so when you heard that good throb and priests are coming to play, you thought to yourself, “cheerleader would fit perfectly with them!” well, guess what. there is a god



okay, i kept a straight face after typing that for at least two seconds before i started rolling around on the floor hysterically, waking up and pissing-off my housemate. that was a lot longer than i would have predicted. really, though, who needs god when there are dogs, so many beautiful dogs everywhere. in all actuality, cheerleader did make me go through satan to confirm them for the show, and i baked him a nice cake, so we are all on the same page now


and last: marrow? i do not believe. how would that be possible? that would make this, like, the most perfect show ever…

i am not one to usually do this, but I DO DECLARE!

this is not them: https://www.facebook.com/marrowworld

there is a 300% chance this show will deteriorate [evolve] into one of the best dance parties you have ever been to after the bands, so please plan accordingly

bros fall back
all ages
$6 donation asked, but for the sake of LBJ, please give a little more since last time i checked my stocks on the dow jet fuel was still pretty expensiveImage

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Detroit Party Marching Band “Welcome Back From Europe”, Lungs Face Feet, Pandemic Pete

LFFDetroit Party Marching Band… you know who they are. c’mon now. in case you don’t… They are a guerrilla marching band who appear unexpectedly and sometimes expectedly to melt your face and force you to stop what you’re doing and dance. Their repertoire is a mix of Balkan and Balkan-inspired songs, and modern pop and R&B rearranged for brass. They enjoy the admiration of their mothers, each other, and various drunks in and around Detroit.
They just got back from Europe last weekend so lets welcome them back to the D!


Lungs Face Feet…. is a 9 piece brass, accordion, and percussion band from Pittsburg, PA. They pursue their own blend of energetic sounds influenced by cumbia and oddities. They are really fuckin awesome and I cannot wait to see them. You have to at least listen to the first 10 seconds of one of their songs before deciding not to come to the show. for real. Holy shit. http://www.reverbnation.com/lungsfacefeet

Pandemic Pete… is a DJ from Pittsburg and is touring with Lungs Face Feet. Pandemic is hybrid of traditional folk music and contemporary dance music from around the world. Pandemic plays GYPSY BRASS, CUMBIA, CHALGA, BOLLYWOOD, DANCEHALL, BHANGRA, ARABIC HIP HOP, AFROBEATS, AFRICAN HIP HOP, BRAZILIAN BASS, THAI POP, BALKAN BEATS, TAUREG BLUES, and whatever else we come across our path. Sounds neat.



February 21st, 2014
at the Trumbullplex
4210 Trumbull, Detroit.
doors at 8pm, $6 donation!

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Sunday 2-23: High Dive, Germynation & Screams of Christ!


Come on out to the tplex this February 23rd and see Screams of Christ from Detroit, Germynation from Muskegon, and High Dive from Bloomington!

7PM | $6 | ALL AGES


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THE 7th Annual VAGINA SHOW, this Friday!

Show time FEB 14th at 7pm, 4208 Trumbull

Come to The Trumbullplex this Valentines Day for an art show honoring V-DAY, a day of action dedicated to ending gender violence all of the world. Looking for art and artists to enter work until the 9th. Would like work featuring (but not limited to) the following themes:
♥ Interpersonal relationships and how they are complicated
♥ Our bodies, including how we see and treat ourselves and others
♥ Gender identity and politics please
♥ Sexuality and the intersection of sex and identity
♥ Awesome ways we could treat each other and ways we want our world to be
♥ Violence and abuse, why it sucks, and how to combat it

Work can be any medium or style, as long as it fits under the theme! Image

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Flyer Art Show Closing AND Perfect Pussy, Cloud Rat, My Pal Val, Collapse at the TRUMBULLPLⒺX Friday January 24th!!!

UPDATE FOR THE SHOW ON FRIDAY!!! now, to make this evening even more awesome (is that possible by the way?), we are proud to announce that this show is also going to be the closing for the TRUMBULLPLⒺX’s 20th Anniversary Flyer Art Show which has been occurring since august of last year. so this is your last chance! no excuse can be made! i know some of you have been waiting around, saying you will get to it one of these days. let this coming friday be that day, as you will have no more chances! even if you have seen it before, see it one more time! this installation showcases flyers for events that have taken place at trumbullplex over the past twenty years. come have your mind blown over which bands have played trumbull before, and find the flyer for that one special event in which you too realized that you are ready to burn this shit down! as with most shows that happen anywhere, doors are far earlier than when music actually begins. but that is just not so with this night! promptly at 7pm, doors will open to allow you maximal time for flyer art viewing, and the divine DJ Dr. Doom along with his Animal Friends (that means you Pico!) will start serenading you with the most crucial tunes, hand-picked very arduously to best enhance your said viewing experience. for what more could one ask? how about light food and drink refreshments to begin and then one of the most fucking incredible shows set to occur in recent memory. just so we are all on the same page, each band in female-fronted, and the fucking fact that this almost never happens (well hell, even having one female in any of the bands at most shows is rare) is COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT. come celebrate the completely radical possibilities that exist within all of us with fucking awesome people and music!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 3.30.22 PM

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