EMAIL: for booking, housing requests, or just to say hi, email [email protected]

Important Notes on Booking Requests

Whether you’re a musical act, puppet show, theater troupe, circus sideshow, or any other such performer that wishes to play here, here’s some things to keep in mind when contacting us.

  • We rarely read facebook requests: our facebook has 5000+ connections. It’s practically impossible for us to organize booking in any meaningful way through facebook.
  • We may not respond to your email: only a small group of people can regularly check and respond to all the emails we receive. If we don’t respond to your email, it’s not because we don’t like you, or just missed your email; it usually just means we’re too busy to book that week/month/day and can’t take the show on. We’ve personally responded to everything before, but in peak times like summer or when we’re just overwhelmed, we can’t always do that as much as we’d want to.

Other Contact Info

Snail Mail: to send the Zine Lib zines, or other goodies, sayin what up doe, or even booking some kind of event, send mail to:

4210 Trumbull
Detroit, MI

IRL: or come talk to us during a show, potluck, or zine library open hours!