About Us & Our Procedures

For our fellow collectives and interested individuals, our organizations bylaws are available for viewing HERE

The Trumbullplex (AKA the Wayne Association for Collective Housing) is an anarchist housing collective and art space located in the Woodbridge Farms neighborhood of Detroit. Though it has existed in various forms since as early as the 1970s, Trumbullplex was formally collectivized in 1993.

The Trumbullplex consists of two 100+ year old historic homes, an attached art space, and various outdoor greenspaces. The two houses provide long-term low-cost living space to local artists and activists, as well as short-term lodging for traveling artists, activists and friends.

The art space showcases DIY musicians (from punk, to folk, to hip hop and beyond), theater troupes, puppet shows, poetry readings, dance parties and other community events on a donation basis. Additionally, the space provides weekly aerobics classes and houses a zine library containing thousands of zines from near and far – most of which came to us from the now defunct Idle Kids Info Shop.

The Trumbullplex aims to provide a space for artists, activists, educators, neighbors, and more to come together and share art and ideas to combat all forms of oppression.