Current Projects

The Trumbullplex Collective is currently undergoing two major funding projects: Corner House Renovation and Side Lot Beautification. You can read more about these projects below! If you know of any grant funding opportunities that will help us achieve these projects, please get in touch with us (check our Contact page)! If you would like to send a donation to assist with either of these projects, you can either click our “Donate!” link in the main menu to send us a donation via PayPal or you can send checks to:

Wayne Association for Collective Housing
4210 Trumbull St.
Detroit, MI 48208

  1. Corner House Renovation
    Hundred year old buildings are a pain to maintain!! In the case of Trumbullplex’s Corner House, the exterior stucco had fallen into terrible condition – entire swaths of stucco had crumbled to the ground and left the underlying structure open to wind, weather and animal inhabitants. Due to the enormity of the structure as well as the strict guidelines as a home in a historic district, Corner House was in need of an estimated $50,000 worth of exterior repairs. In Winter 2015, the collective launched a large-scale fundraiser to cover these costs. In total, Trumbullplex raised just over $10,000 by the time construction began in Spring 2016. It was decided that we would tackle the house one side at a time – with collective members and friends in the community doing 100% of the labor. By Fall 2016, repairs to the front facade of the home were completed. Repairs to the north-facing side of the home are slated to begin in Spring 2017 – provided we can reach our funding goals.
  2. Side Lot Beautification – The Trumbull Park
    In addition to the housing structures and show space, the Trumbullplex is also the owner of three side lot properties. Though Trumbullplex and its neighbors maintained these lots for many years, two of the three lots remained city-owned despite many attempts to purchase them until 2016 when the Trumbullplex successfully beat out a developer in a bid to purchase the land. This win was largely thanks to a massive outpouring of support and funding from the Detroit community. In Fall 2016, Trumbullplex received the deeds for these properties.The side lot properties are shared with our neighbors and open to the community as a tranquil green space for outdoor events, potlucks, and more. Currently, the side lots contain a bonfire pit, a picnic table and benches, various fruit trees, and many useful herbs and edible plants. However, now that we hold the official deeds in our hands we would like to begin making major improvements to these properties as community green space. As with our Corner House project, Trumbullplex is currently seeking funding to improve upon these properties.Please get in touch with us about ways to help!