Critical Moment Holiday Fundraiser

373502_234403793357743_2004455075_nFriday, December 14th, 2012

Helping your favorite quarterly newspaper make it through 2013 has never been this much fun!

Buy your very own Critical Moment T-shirt and grab some free stickers!

Do your holiday shopping and purchase a handcrafted cutting board from Singing Tree Garden, 20% of the proceeds go to Critical Moment!

Bake sale? Button making? Who knows what you might find!

Poor Player
Rocket McFlyy and the Free Radicals

Master Ham
DJ Honanana
DJ Mike Medow

Drinks available for donation.

Rumors of a “pretty good ukelele duo” are as yet unsubstantiated.

$3-10 sliding scale at the door. Please bring cash or checks for the bake sale and merch, and to help Critical Moment out if you can!

Doors at 7. Music at 8.

♥ ♥ ♥

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BRING IT! Political Extravaganza Variety Fun-raiser

December 1st, 2012 off the beaten path of Noel Night…


+LOCAL MUSIC from Bobby Columbo & Billy, Kaitlyn Karie & dj ho-na na na

+PUPPET SHOW from radically surreal Maurice Greenia

+FOOD delicious soups, muffins, hot dogs, hot drinks & desserts!

+HOLIDAY MARKETof Singing Tree cutting boards, Trumbullplex Apothecary tinctures & salves, earrings, prints/posters, postcards…

+POETRY & ZINE READINGS from Kim D. Hunter, Carmen Mendoza King, James Hart III, James La Croix, Scott Farrow, Jhon Clark & Jessika Rae Warren

all ages welcome

Proceeds go to fighting for civil rights as NLG Michigan President John Royal takes it to the Supreme Court!

If you cannot attend, mail check to Martha Waters, 22462 Milner, SCS, MI 48081

As the law stands, an activist that is convicted of a federal crime (and any demonstrators nearby that may have been arrested) can have the Terrorism Enhancement added to their conviction. This allows further punishments to be added to the original punishment for the crime, and a conviction of “terrorism.” There is a window of opportunity to petition a hearing before the Supreme Court to appeal the newly added Terrorism Enhancement. The appeal could change the law for those in the future wishing to have their voices heard. The filing fees will total $1800. Join in this evening and be part of the $1800 to protect the the civil rights of future activists.

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The Max Levine Ensemble


THE MAX LEVINE ENSEMBLE – spastic pop punk legends


THE “I didn’t vote today because I don’t believe in this system of government and no elected official can possibly represent me” SHOW! ‘

at the Trumbullplex
4210 trumbull, detroit
doors at 8! show over at 11!
six bux donation

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Joey Molinaro and Magic City

Friday, November 2nd

JOEY MOLINARO’s triumphant 3rd or 4th return to the Trumbullplex! experimental grind violin with intense foot percussion. still one of the coolest things i’ve ever heard.

MAGIC CITY – Super awesome St Louis rock. “muddy, spooky, wise and thrilling.” They are experienced musicians who know exactly what the fuck they are doing. Listen to them!


at the Trumbullplex
4210 Trumbull, Detroit
$6 donation, doors at 7

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Electrician, World’s Biggest Roller Coaster


ELECTRICIAN – Oakland, CA Electro-folksongs about social war and relationships, by Neil Campau – Formerly of the anarchist-folk duo, World History, and most well-known as the founder of His music has often been compared to Bill Callahan, Will Oldham and/or Jeff

WORLD’S BIGGEST ROLLERCOASTER- local experimental dream-folk. These folks handed me a demo at a Kimya Dawson show a while back, and they are sweet. check it out.

at the Trumbullplex
4210 Trumbull
Detroit, MI 48208.

$6 donation, doors at 7. music around 8.

The Trumbullplex Zine Library will be open for your reading pleasure.

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Small Craft Skillshare and Pop-Up Shop: One Girl Circus and my marigold

Amid all the bustle and distraction, a chance to pause and focus on what really matters. To give time and attention to needle and thread, family and friends, craft and conversation. The Small Craft September 8 pop-up shop and skillshare is a celebration of the hand stitch. And the hand stitch is a celebration of our true priorities.

Photo: Karen LePage

For this month’s skillshare, we’re proud to welcome back Karen LePage of One Girl Circus. Karen is a talented seamstress, a crafty author, and a longtime supporter of Small Craft. With her help, you’ll make your own wrist cuff or headband, while learning to stitch designs and embellishments on knit fabrics. Stitch your own design, or choose one of the templates provided. Once you’ve learned the techniques in this workshop, you’ll be able to upcycle your favorite t-shirts into accessories, or mend-by-decoration the t-shirts you can’t bear to give up!

Materials Kit provided for $8. (Or bring your own jersey knit fabrics/old t-shirt, sewing needle, and button/craft or multiwork thread.)

September’s pop-up shop is by my marigold, aka Small Craft’s own Amy Cronkite! Amy is known, not only for her own craftsmanship, but also for her organizational work with Handmade Detroit and the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. She has a deep love of the Great Lakes, and it shows in every stitch of the embroideries she’s bringing to her shop. She’ll also have fabric necklaces and other handmade treasures, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to browse.

This Saturday will also see the return of Detroit’s legendary street festival Dally in the Alley. If you’re spending the day at Dally, please feel free to stop by and visit us at the nearby Trumbullplex, where we’ll be sharing free coffee, tea, and homemade vegan baked goods.

Small Craft Pop-Up Shop and Skillshare
Saturday, September 8
Pop-Up Shop open 2:00 – 6:00 pm
Skillshare begins at 3:00 pm
Trumbullplex Theater
4210 Trumbull

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Defiance, Ohio!


JOJJON oh hell yeah

Thursday, August 30th, 2010

4210 Trumbull, Detroit
doors at 7, music at 8
$6 donation

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