junk food junkies cannot play, but instead we have Mr. Ma’am, also from chicago!

music will start at 830 with mr, then tigerlance, swimsuit addition, and my pal val last. see you soon!


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small craft soon!


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Dérive (MA), Free Cake For Every Creature (NY), and Pancho Villa’s Skull: August 6


Gnarled guitars, breathless rhythms, and feral vocals. Northampton, Massachusetts’ Dérive are a punk band, and they’re every bit as intense and cathartic as you’d hope. But musically, lyrically, and conceptually, there’s a lot more going on here. Dérive’s Greg Nahabedian is a composer and piano teacher with a formal music education. The band’s album “All My Demons Are Coming Loose” is structured as a two act drama, complete with intermission. And they take their name from the Situationist “technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances.” Art punk, if you will, can be a tough balancing act, but Dérive never topple into either ornate pretension or simple aggression. They walk that fine line with daring and style.


Saratoga Springs, New York’s Katie Bennett isn’t just a singer, songwriter, and guitarist; she’s also a zinester. (Her zine “Sticking Around” is carried by the wonderful Doris Distro.) And her songs are like many of your favorite zines: filled with tiny, personal observations, that add up to a huge emotional impact. Bennett is adept at crafting an accurate description from a few plain but well-chosen words. So when she says her band Free Cake For Every Creature plays “scrappy twee,” you know just what they sound like. Their music is always sweet and breezy, but never polished or polite. In short: it’s exactly what you want to hear on an aimless summer evening.


Mariachi and punk. From the moment Pancho Villa’s Skull starts playing, it’s clear this is a beautiful combination. With uplifted voice and rapidly strummed guitar, Fortino Ybarra stirs two deep pools of musical tradition, bringing all their treasures to the surface. Romance and protest, joy and rage: they mingle and shine as they fill the room. Fortino and the Trumbullplex have enjoyed a long friendship, but it’s been a while since he’s played here. So be sure and get to the show in time to welcome him back!


Wednesday, August 6
7 pm
All ages
$6 suggested donation
4210 Trumbull

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tonight! again, Suicide Machines will be playing too. Set times 7:30 germynation, 8:15 snafu, 9 disaster strikes, 9:45 opposition rising, 10:30 hellmouth, 11:15 the suicide machines


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Curmudgeon (Boston), Girth (Ann Arbor), Minus9 (Ypsilanti), Marrow – Monday July 28 at trumbullplex

curmudgeonanother monday show that cannot be beat at the trumbullplex! punk hardcore poweviolence bro-falling-back Curmudgeon from Boston will be performing along with Girth (two-piece grind heavy from Ann Arbor), Minus9 (Ypsilanti two-piece space-grind), and Marrow (part cloud rat punkzpunkzpunkz!). respective listening below:

bros fall back
all ages as always
doors 7pm, music over at 11pm
$6 donation please

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July is packed with tons of great shows, but don’t sleep on August either.  The month starts off with:

Tyvek & Black Rainbow flyer

August 1st

TYVEK (Detroit) – This Detroit punk-garage-whatever band has been playing around town for over eight years.

BLACK RAINBOW (San Francisco / Brooklyn) – Black Rainbow make their first trip to Detroit, but co-conspirators Ivy and Erik (of Scam ‘zine) have been playing together in bands like Allergic to Bullshit and Miami for over 10 years.  They’ve got a new LP out this summer.

CONSTANT INSULT (Minneapolis) A new four piece punk band with members of the Frozen Teens.

Show starts at 8PM, $6-10 Donation

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the Suicide Machines will be playing too!!!!!!!!!

the Suicide Machines !!!, Opposition Rising (Boston), Disaster Strikes (Boston), Hellmouth, SNAFU, Germynation (Muskegon) – Friday July 11 at trumbullplex

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