Important Notes on Booking Requests

Whether you’re a musical act, puppet show, theater troupe, circus sideshow, or any other such performer that wishes to play here, here’s some things to keep in mind when contacting us.

  • We rarely read facebook requests: our facebook has 5000+ connections. It’s practically impossible for us to organize booking in any meaningful way through facebook.
  • We may not respond to your email: there’s two or three people regularly checking and reading all the email we get. If we don’t respond to your email, it’s not because we don’t like you or just missed your email. It usually just means we’re too busy to book that week/month/day and can’t take the show on. We used to personally respond to everyone that emailed us, but in peak times like summer or when we’re just overwhelmed, we can’t always do that as much as we’d want to.

Contact Info

Snail Mail: to send the Zine Lib zines, or sending us other goodies, sayin what up doe, or even booking some kind of event, send mail to:

4210 Trumbull
Detroit, M

EMAIL: for booking, housing requests, or just to say hi, email

IRL: or come talk to us during a show or potluck!

8 Responses to Contact

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey, random question here — for a class i am taking i need to go to a speech and analyze it. while it is something i am required to do, i would like to do it on a topic that i’m interested in (aka politics, diy, social justice, etc). I figured someone at the trumbullplex might know of any kind of event where someone would be speaking in the next few weeks that i might be able to attend. thanks for you time :)

  2. joeyxwest says:

    what is the housing situation? I would like to live at this establishment.
    my email is

  3. Taylor says:

    Question: What is the parking situation like for the Trumbullplex. Do you have parking there, or do you have to find something further away?

  4. chanita baumhaft says:

    hey there. any folks living near you with young children? mine’s five. considering a move to detroit, wanting to be in a neighborhood near like minded folks.

  5. kelly says:

    hey i would really really very much like to live in your establishment, i have good vibes and would love to meet all of you great people. email me!!! :-))

  6. Isaac says:

    THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING. Thank you for the warmth and dancing.

  7. Yessenia Vossen says:

    In reply to the AHA’s claim that the museum seemed “insufficiently aware of the importance of including qualified scholars in the field of women’s history in the planning process” of a new museum Billings

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