Sunday, March 4th Show

7 pm $6-$10 sliding scale donation, all ages welcome

Frank Pahl is a musician, composer, innovator, sonic artist, kinetic sound sculptor and one of those Detroit area artists that everyone should know of so every rare show we get from him is a packed house! He has released and or been involved with dozens of projects and recordings, solo or with many co-conspirators. Frank Pahl is a Kresege Fellow, conducts boats (a harbour symphony in New Foundland of boats horns), automatic organs, toys, amazing sculptors and a vast array of instruments. Two of his latest works are the Little Bang Theory and Music for Architecture.

Terminal Orchestra was conceived in the often forgotten part of Michigan, the Upper Peninsula—with its lush forests, slower-paced lifestyle and noncompetitive atmosphere—composer Jesse DeCaire (of Sah) began recording music with friends in 2005 that would later end up on The Terminal Orchestra’s full-length release, The Seasons. What started as a studio outlet for making pastoral movie soundtrack music (for movies that haven’t been made yet) has since ballooned into a live, performing ensemble. Complete with strings and percussion, The Terminal Orchestra has as much in common with contemporary composers/performers such as Nick Cave & Warren Ellis and William Basinski as it does with Ennio Morricone and Igor Stravinksky.

Our Mighty Heartrose like a phoenix from the ashes of their former folk band (Petal Shop). Instead of falling apart, these guys hit back with a vengeance by expanding their sound into electric and folk-rock, and they’re better than they’ve ever been.”

About trumbullplex

Mission statement circa 1993: We have formed the Trumbullplex; also know as the Wayne Association for Collective Housing, to create a space where we control our own lives. We are a not-for-profit project dedicated to self-sufficiency in all facets of our lives; in our housing, our work, and our energy. We support other projects that share our goals of dismantling racism, sexism, homophobia, and the oppression of poor people through activities in our theater and housing collective. We want to create a positive environment for revolutionary change in which economic and social relationships are based on mutual aid and the absence of hierarchy. Through consensus decision making and full participation in carrying out our decisions, we create the circumstances and expectations for collective empowerment. Ultimately, we strive to realize these goals through respect and constructive communication among ourselves. Theater Collective Mission Statement We partner with the Trumbullplex residents, neighbors, artists, people of conscience, and any potential allies to build a safe space for sharing art and ideas free from oppression.
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  1. Boni says:

    The pulpit sluhod not be a pillory. Congregations sluhod allow the minister a little liberty. They sluhod, at least, permit him to tell the truth.They have, in Massachusetts, at a place called Andover, a kind of minister factory, where each professor takes an oath once in five years that time being considered the life of an oath that he has not, during the last five years, and will not, during the next five years, intellectually advance. . . Something sluhod be done for the liberation of these men. They sluhod be allowed to grow to have sunlight and air. They sluhod no longer be chained and tied to confessions of faith, to mouldy books and musty creeds. Thousands of ministers are anxious to give their honest thoughts. The hands of wives and babes now stop their mouths. They must have bread, and so the husbands and fathers are forced to preach a doctrine that they hold in scorn. For the sake of shelter, food and clothes, they are obliged to defend the childish miracles of the past, and denounce the sublime discoveries of to-day.They are compelled to attack all modern thought, to point out the dangers of science, the wickedness of investigation and the corrupting influence of logic. It is for them to show that virtue rests upon ignorance and faith, while vice impudently feeds and fattens upon fact and demonstration.It is a part of their business to…poison the minds of the young, prejudicing children against science, teaching the astronomy and geology of the Bible, and inducing all to desert the sublime standard of reason.These orthodox ministers do not add to the sum of knowledge. They produce nothing. They live upon alms. . . There are some noble exceptions. Now and then a pulpit holds a brave and honest man. Their congregations are willing that they sluhod think willing that their ministers sluhod have a little freedom. . . Until the clergy are free they cannot be intellectually honest. We can never tell what they really believe until they know that they can safely speak. They console themselves now by a secret resolution to be as liberal as they dare, with the hope that they can finally educate their congregations to the point of allowing them to think a little for themselves. They hardly know what they ought to do. The best part of their lives has been wasted in studying subjects of no possible value. Most of them are married, have families, and know but one way of making their living.Some of them say that if they do not preach these foolish dogmas, others will, and that they may through fear, after all, restrain mankind. Besides, they hate publicly to admit that they are mistaken, that the whole thing is a delusion, that the “scheme of salvation” is absurd, and that the Bible is no better than some other books, and worse than most.You can hardly expect a bishop to leave his palace, or the pope to vacate the Vatican. As long as people want popes, plenty of hypocrites will be found to take the place. And as long as labor fatigues, there will be found a good many men willing to preach once a week, if other folks will work and give them bread. In other words, while the demand lasts, the supply will never fail.-Robert Ingersoll

  2. Perizat says:

    Ppl like you get all the brsnai. I just get to say thanks for he answer.

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