Curse (Baltimore), Little Animal, and Siobhan: September 25


Curse are a doom band, through and through. Jane Vincent’s vocals are raw and anguished. Logan Terkelsen’s drums are slow and heavy. And the mood is dark and ominous. But this doom has been electronically enhanced. Both Vincent and Terkelsen double on keyboards, and their music is as informed by dance floor innovation as it is by metal tradition. Like monsters summoned to a digital screen, ancient terrors are awakened by the modern rhythms.

Curse are visiting from Baltimore, but since Jane Vincent is an old friend of the Trumbullplex, there’s somewhat of a homecoming feel to this show. When a fond reunion has a harsh sound, and archaic fear has a new beat, it’s sure to be a memorable night.


Ever since the synth first went pop, there’s been a classic archetype. At the back of the stage: the cool hand of a technician. At the front: the warm voice of a singer. Little Animal are currently Detroit’s foremost example. Nicholas Morrow dials up the frosty beats. Rachelle Baker calls out to your heart.

It’s good time dance music, for sure: tuneful, propulsive, and inviting. But there’s also something subtly sinister about Little Animal. They describe themselves as making music for ghosts. They show a fondness for Halloween masks. And in every song, there’s a corner even the brightest mirror ball can’t reach.


Southgate is a city named after a shopping center. And it’s known as the home of the 185 pound hamburger. So it’s appropriate that Siobhan’s “Southgate” album evokes bleak asphalt landscapes, and queasy scenes of the suburban surreal. Southgate’s also near Detroit, of course, and this music’s at a short remove from techno’s legacy.

Siobhan is the work of Travis Galloway, who’s also a founder of the wonderful All Gone label. Live and loud, his mechanical clatter, slowmo samples, and beautifully bummed out vibe will have you convinced that “Southgate” refers to neither city nor shopping center, but a portal into the netherworld.


Thursday, September 25
7 pm
All ages
$6 suggested donation
4210 Trumbull

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