Recreant (Tampa), Dakhma (Grand Rapids), and Social Werq: September 23


Soaring melodies and feral shrieks. Blast beats and a violin. Like the untamed swamps of their native Florida, Recreant’s music is as beautiful as it is brutal. The band explores a vast expanse of sonic territory, traveling through screamo, grind, crust, black metal, and post-rock. And through it all, they carry a powerful social message, screaming defiance at an oppressive culture, and sharing courage with the oppressed.

For the past seven months, Dakhma have been howling through West Michigan like a cold and filthy wind. In that short time, they’ve stirred up a cloud so large and dark as to be clearly seen from this side of the state. Now the wind turns, and the storm of blackened crust comes roaring towards the Trumbullplex. Expect crushing riffs, pummeling drums, and furious vocals.

Grind. D-beat. And a scholarly discussion of Michigan’s sodomy laws. Social Werq offer harsh music with a healthy perspective, a blend which they brilliantly describe as “power non-violence.” Don’t miss their expanded lineup, which now features two bass players!

Tuesday, September 23
7 pm
All ages
$6 suggested donation
4210 Trumbull

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