Ruined, A Glow Has Drained From My Heart, and CATMOM


Billowing distortion, muffled vocals, and a meditative pace. Ruined have mastered all the elements of shoegaze. But where much shoegaze frolics in the summer twilight, this Grand Rapids duo plods through the cold night. With just bass and drums, they’re able to cover a lot of dark ground. Sometimes their sound is delicate and lovely, sometimes harsh and heavy, but always bleak and dejected. There’s something strangely invigorating about such a sustained look into the shadows.


You can’t remember a time before this chord, and every inch of the air is buzzing. Is this a metal riff or an ambient drone? A Glow Has Drained From My Heart is the name used by Muskegon’s Anthony Burns when he’s exploring the gray area he calls “dream metal.” This is what happens when heavy music leaves its body: all that remains are twinkling motes of dust, and a mournful memory haunting the amplifier.


CATMOM is the stripped-down side project of local friends Social Werq. They’re performing as a drum-and-guitar duo, but if you know Social Werq, you know what to expect. Lyrics about sexual and mental health. Music that ranges from D-beat to power non-violence. In short: everything good and loud.

 Small Craft

Small Craft

Maybe you’ve wondered about the odd little masks scattered around our stage. Or maybe you were at the Small Craft Second Anniversary Party, and you remember the liberating feeling of wearing a mask at a show. Either way, you’ll want to be there when Small Craft’s mask-making table returns to the Trumbullplex. All the tools and materials you need will be provided, so you can move freely in a face of your own design.

Tuesday, May 27
7 pm
All ages
$6 suggested donation
4210 Trumbull

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