Slow Mover (Boston), Seritas, Aloha Mr. Hand


Slow Mover named their most recent album “Move Slower.” They embrace a review that compares them to “Motörhead without Lemmy or any other member and sounding nothing like them.” It’s clear that this Boston stoner rock/post-hardcore band doesn’t take itself too seriously. The music, however, is no joke. The songs are more artful, and the playing more precise than some of the trappings might suggest. And while they might live up to their name at times, they definitely take some unexpected twists and turns. When the journey’s over, you’ve arrived at the realization that “Move Slower” is as much a cogent political statement as it is a funny album title.

They’re a nice couple from the small township of Freeland, Michigan. And a devastatingly heavy doom band. Seritas play “doom with a garage approach,” leaving rough edges on their massive riffs. With just drums, voices, and a single guitar, this duo fills the entire room with rich, dark vibrations. And days later, you’ll find your skull is still ringing with evocative tunes and phrases. It’s a testimony to the endless power of both the DIY ethic and the Sabbath sound.


In the DVD commentary, it’s revealed that David Lynch was offered the opportunity to direct “Fast Times At Ridgemont High.” (Yes, really.) And it’s interesting to speculate what the iconic character Jeff Spicoli might have been like in Lynch’s film. We imagine him wearing the same aimless grin, but with violent impulses and surreal visions seething just beneath. Aloha Mr. Hand play the perfect soundtrack for such a character: sometimes pummeling, sometimes entrancing, but never straying too far from the shag carpeted van.


“Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with a little feast on our time,” so in the spirit of Jeff Spicoli, we’re having pizza delivered to this show! Our good friends from independent pop-up restaurant Pie-Sci will be selling fresh, hot slices. If you’ve joined them at Woodbridge Pub on a Sunday evening, you know their pizza is prepared with a lot of love, knowledge, and creativity. Heavy riffs and tasty pizza are a classic combination, and one we look forward to celebrating with you.


Monday, June 16
7 pm
All ages
$6 suggested donation
4210 Trumbull

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