Psychic Blood (MA), Cheerleader (Flint), K9 Sniffies, and DirtShirt (Flint) Tuesday 8-20!

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 9.15.44 PMwe at the trumbullplex, in coordination with the trumbullplex 20th anniversary life-advisory committee, are pleased to present the following evening of the most excellent music fathomable

great shakes, it is psychic blood! hailing from western massachusetts, these fine folks draw inspiration from psychedelic bloodbaths. and they want to show you the light. playing some raw punked-up jams that will get you freaking out all over the place, they are not to be missed. listen here:

it has been confirmed; cheerleader is playing too! you know them, and you love them. and if you do not know them, WTF. seriously. also originating in flint (flint’s trumbullplex takeover! (see below)), their sound will kick you in your gut while simultaneously stealing your lunch money and get you maximally pumped about life in the process! meet your maker:

and what about k9 sniffies? really, they are the best horrible toilet scum you will ever come across. with a sound emanating from captain bowie and his co-pilot per ohlin while they are crossing an event horizon near HD 40307 d in a souped–up y-wing, they kick ass. listen here:

what if black sabbath, tool, and the grunge movement were all raised by punk rock? may i present flint’s dirtshirt. including a member of sweat, you already know they are going to be fuckin sweet. listen here:

all ages

doors 7pm. music will be over by 11pm since it is a weeknight

we are asking for a donation of $6 to get the touring bands some gas money

be seeing you soon


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