1175130_10201606842275333_79973035_nCan you believe Trumbullplex has been kickin ass as a housing collective and art and music space since 1993? Who says anarchists don’t have their shit together HUH! This month we are celebrating 20 years of keeping it real with a Flyer Art Show, a huge show with our friends Mischief Brew.

FLYER ART SHOW OPENING – August 9th, 7pm
Thousands of flyers and posters will be showcased from 20 years of putting on all kinds of weird, amazing and radical events in our space. It is pretty incredible! The opening will feature the Theatre Collective’s own DJ Doctor Doom on the turntables, lots of fun games and of course food and drinks.

if you have any old flyers you would like to contribute to the show, please email them to or drop them off a few days before the show.

Open hours almost everyday during the week, will be posted soon!

BIG SHOW with MISCHIEF BREW- August 17th
Our friend Eric and Mischief Brew are celebrating their 10th ANNIVERSARY of playing at Trumbullplex while we are celebrating our 20th as a collective! Isn’t that something. So we’ve put together an incredibly rockin and badass evening of music, featuring….
Mischief Brew, a Trumbull favorite who will be celebrating 10 years of playing Trumbullplex. If you’ve managed to not come to Trumbullplex in summer for the past ten years and don’t know Mischief Brew, check them our here:

Rifle Diet: good ol’ Minneapolis crustcore returning to Trumbullplex for the second time.

Purple 7 (ex-Defiance, Ohio; Landlord; Hot New Mexicans): The parenthesis say it all folks. Check them our here:

Collapse: Trumbullplex hardcore punk. Our drummer was in Orange 9mm.

Doors open up promptly at 6. We’ll have tamales and/or tacos to keep you satiated while you’re patient with punk time. Plus, some permanent fixtures of the flyer art show will be up if you missed the opening.

As always, we’ll be asking for a $6-10 donation at the door

Hope to see you ALL there mothafuckas!

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