trumbullplex zine library goes mobile to dalley in the alley

on saturday september 12th (tomorrow) the trumbullplex zine library will be headed to the dally in the alley free street fest. so come read some zines, check out the local vendors and local bands, and buy some dally in the alley tshirts or other merch (or beer if thats your thing) so dally in the alley can continue next year. much like the trumbullplex- dally in the alley is a not for profit event. so the money you spend on beer and merch goes directly to help put on the events next year. the folks who put on dally in the alley- do it for free. they are not paid. they are volunteers.

so tomorrow from 11 am until you can not longer read zines, trumbullplex zine library will be set up with a mobile version of the library. so come read zines. grab fliers for shows coming up at tplex. and if you feel up to it – bring  vegan friendly snacks to the zine librarian(s) so they dont have to leave the reading area.

see ya’ll in the alley!

38th dally in the alley


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