this is andrew, one of the theater collective members writing this message. the views expressed within it by no means reflect the views of every theater and/or housing collective member. i am addressing this here as the topic of bands with shitty names comes up very often in theater collective meetings, and it fuckin sucks. actions need to be taken

please do not let the band black pussy play Small’s​ this may. for that matter, may we please not have them play anywhere in southeast michigan?

from the statements the band has issued, there is no evidence that any members are black and female-identifying. they all are white dudes. there is no justification for this name whatsoever

to quote the band: “Our band name has nothing to do with race or genitalia. Being that it’s an ambiguous band name—which was the whole purpose of it, so that people could read into it whatever they wanted to read into it—I think that’s being reflected in the discussion right now. I feel that the band name is sort of a mirror of the individual that looks at it.”

for fuck’s sake, will you please stop living in your fictional reality and look at the world around you. misogyny and racism and humanity have always mutually existed. that is how the world is. can anyone really disagree with me on that? these two things are core issues that need to perpetually be on the forefront of our minds. when people hear the term “black pussy,” how can you not immediately think of the marginalization of both women and people of color that has been there for fuckin ever

to quote a friend: “Please do not post any of these things in the comments. 1) Freedom of speech 2) It’s just a band name who cares 3) You’re just giving them more attention

because 1) Freedom of Speech is not freedom from criticism 2) Language is a powerful tool, as I’ve seen demonstrated by the men (and some women) who support this band and the way the react to women who voice their concerns. We need to send a message to future bands that it isn’t cool, you will get boycotted 3) That doesn’t really matter because their music is not good and they will fade away into obscurity, it’s about the bigger picture here.”

write to these and let them know you share similar feelings: &

thank you

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