tonight! zines return!

zine library re-opening party! featuring:the ovens, force-quit, double winter! plus zine readings!

now that our theater wall is fixed, we are real excited to dust off our boxes of zines and get them back on the shelves! so…we’re celebrating our reopening with some awesome music and zine readings!

the ovens (chicago, noisey two piece feminist punk)

force-quit (diy hardcore anarcho punk from toronto, montreal and philly)

double winter (detroit, psychedelic girl garage rock)

plus zine readings by LB (truckface) and j.rae warren (97 pearl street)


PUT THE “PUNK” BACK IN PUNKTUAL (this will start at 7pm and end by 11 for real)

PLEASE RESPECT OUR SPACE AND OUR NEIGHBORS!! (i feel like i shouldn’t even have to say this, but this has been an issue recently)

$6-10 dolla donation

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