Spoonboy (DC), Colour Me Wednesday (UK), Dogjaw (WA), Sharkpact (WA), and Casual Sweetheart (MI) : Tuesday, June 10

Spoonboy is a Washington, D.C. singer-songwriter whose music has helped a lot of people through a lot of rough times.

If you’ve ever found one of your own feelings mirrored in a Spoonboy song, you’re already planning to join us at this show. If you’ve been to a Spoonboy show, and felt all the gratitude in the room, you’re probably coming back for more. And if you’re not yet familiar with Spoonboy, we hope you’ll take this opportunity to find out why he’s become such a beloved figure.

His roots are in the pop punk of the Max Levine Ensemble, and his solo work is often filed under folk punk. But you don’t have to follow either of those genres to appreciate Spoonboy’s songs. His brave and thoughtful explorations of sexual politics and family history have something to offer everyone.


On this tour, Spoonboy is bringing along some friends from the UK. Colour Me Wednesday play bright and breezy indie pop, with sweet vocals, catchy tunes, and the occasional ska rhythm.

In the tradition of indie pop greats like the Housemartins, Colour Me Wednesday use their instantly likable music as a platform for radical political statements. They’ll have you on your feet from the very first note, and songs like “Purge Your Inner Tory” will give you something to think about while you dance.


Dogjaw and Sharkpact are two of the most innovative punk bands on the always intriguing Olympia, Washington scene. We’d be thrilled to welcome them anytime, and to have them sharing the show with so many other great musicians is nothing short of incredible.


Dual vocals, openhearted and uncompromising, urging on friends and warning back foes. They’re the first thing you’ll notice about Dogjaw. But just when you think you’ve got this band all figured out, they’ll go into a slow groove, a patient crescendo, or even a meditative drone. That makes it all the more uplifting when the full-throated chorus makes its triumphant return.


Sharkpact play the kind of sweaty, tuneful anthems we’ve come to expect from Olympia’s punks. Less expected: they’re a drum-and-Casio duo! The keyboard gives their music a giddy, relentless edge, like a roller skating party that’s broken out of the rink and spilled into the busy streets.



Raw garage punk. Post-riot grrl feminism. And a killer B.C. Rich bass. Casual Sweetheart combine many of our favorite elements. Their hooks are memorable, their instrument-switching is impressive, and their support for the community is inspiring. (Bassist Lauren Rossi Harroun is founder of the Seraphine Collective, a great resource for women making music in Detroit.) We’re very proud to have Casual Sweetheart representing Michigan at this show.


Spoonboy, Colour Me Wednesday, Dogjaw, Sharkpact, Casual Sweetheart 
Tuesday, June 10
7 pm
All ages
$6 – 10 suggested donation
4210 Trumbull

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