Bernays Propaganda (Macedonia!!!), High Dive (Bloomington), Five Pound Snap, Scissor Now! (Ann Arbor), Dirt Shirt (Flint) – Wednesday May 14 @ trumbullplex


continuing our new, completely enthralling tradition of hosting fuckin awesome bands from other countries, we have another doozy of an evening to make wednesday may 14 your best day of the month of may nay spring NAY year!!!!!!!!!

it is time for Bernays Propaganda from holy-shit Macedonia! and yes, they certainly do feature female-fronted punk. HELL YES

High Dive is already coming back with them! queer-positive pop-punk band from Bloomington, Indiana featuring members of Defiance, Ohio and Good Luck), they simply rule. come check them out again!

for some local support, we have the wonderful Five Pound Snap! -groove rock-

“Five Pound Snap sounds like the time I sat in my house and watched the walls melt for 12 hours. That’s the truth.” -Bobby

wait…scissor when?

Scissor Now!


jazz pop punk from Ann Arbor. just listen. i need not describe further

last, but fuck no not least! the dirt shirt from flint! you know sweat? member of sweat here. If Black Sabbath, Tool, & the grunge movement were all raised by punk rock. BAMMM

as always, all ages
no bros no way
$6-10 donation please to hook up bernays
doors 7pm. music over at 11pm

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