Hot Tears (Olympia), Junk Food Junkies, Little Animal – Monday 4/28 @ Trumbullplex


in keeping with our theme of the most awesome shows ever, we at the trumbullplex are proud to present another night of fuckin sweet music!

this particular show is going to be on a monday, namely the 28th of april. so, when the evening arrives, come home from school/work/being a badass and proceed here for what will, without a doubt, be a very majestic experience

hot tears is playing!!! Molly Fischer lives in Olympia WA and is from San Francisco. She has been in other projects including Songs for Moms and Fisting Crystals. oh yeah, she plays ambient, melancholy melodic metal. HELL YESSSSSSSSS

in local support, we will have the Junk Food Junkies. SNAX. SO MANY SNAX. bring some to enjoy (you better bring enough for everyone) with their delectable music offerings…

b/w of little animal! if you have not heard, i highly recommended for you to check them out. electronic jams abound. together, they make sexy music for ghosts and, occasionally, humans to dance to. Her hand gently beckons, she whispers your name—but those who go with her are never the same

Where the ladies at?
In the interest of providing a stage for people whose voices are not heard enough, and working towards a space free from male dominance, we’re calling out to all the female, queer, and trans fronted bands out there. We strive to make our space safe for everyone. We aren’t just showcasing our scene; we’re creating it. We don’t want to recreate a music scene that is dominated by white, straight males.


as always, all ages

doors 7pm with music to start around 8 to 830

$6 donation please to give hot tears gas money

the most fabulous dance party after bands? the most fabulous dance party after bands

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