Good Throb (UK), Priests (DC), Cheerleader (Flint), Marrow – Tuesday April 8

WELL GODDAMN. who is ready for a night of fuckin punk music!!!!! i know that i certainly am. i must warn you, though; for those use to punk that is white and straight and male (for real bro? get yourself an education), this show will be quite lacking as each band features multiple radical as hell women-identified members. come experience the glorious possibilities that exist, if only we all can rise to rip the fuckin door of the cage that has everything so neatly sequestered within itself. well we are at it, is not capitalism great? do you know how incredible of a base unit gold is in organic matter? carbon really just completely fails in comparison to gold in such situations. google it. it is totally legit. so when i start going downhill, i am going to be golden (BAM. gold-brain in action right there), thanks specifically to all the bars i have been stockpiling in my basement while i have been completely and utterly disregarding every other possible aspect of human life i come across. go me!

anywho, good throb is FUCKIN COMING FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM TO PLAY PUNK MUSIC FOR US. there is nothing else i could possibly type beyond that to convince you to come to the show. just come. for real. do not be that person

they are bringing goth punkers priests from DC with them for a fair amount of their tour, and this show is no exception. so somehow you needed another reason to attend the show outside of good throb. well look at that. priests

cheerleader. holy crap. so when you heard that good throb and priests are coming to play, you thought to yourself, “cheerleader would fit perfectly with them!” well, guess what. there is a god



okay, i kept a straight face after typing that for at least two seconds before i started rolling around on the floor hysterically, waking up and pissing-off my housemate. that was a lot longer than i would have predicted. really, though, who needs god when there are dogs, so many beautiful dogs everywhere. in all actuality, cheerleader did make me go through satan to confirm them for the show, and i baked him a nice cake, so we are all on the same page now

and last: marrow? i do not believe. how would that be possible? that would make this, like, the most perfect show ever…

i am not one to usually do this, but I DO DECLARE!

this is not them:

there is a 300% chance this show will deteriorate [evolve] into one of the best dance parties you have ever been to after the bands, so please plan accordingly

bros fall back
all ages
$6 donation asked, but for the sake of LBJ, please give a little more since last time i checked my stocks on the dow jet fuel was still pretty expensiveImage

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