An evening of poetry and music with Julie Patton and more

Julie+Patton+PhotoMay 31st, 2013

Julie Patton & Paul Van Curen- Julie Patton is the author of Using Blue To Get Black, Notes for Some (Nominally) Awake, and A Garden Per Verse (or What Else do You Expect from Dirt?). Patton’s work has appeared in ((eco (lang)(uage(reader)), Critiphoria and nocturnes. Room for Opal, a sound/text installation that Patton created as a Green Horizons fellow at Bates College, is in Jonathan Skinner’s Listening with Patton. Patton’s performance work, featured at the Stone, Jazz Standard and noted international venues, emphasizes improvisation, collaboration and other-worldly chora-graphs. Paul Van Curen accompanies her poetry with his guitar.

Doll Hairs – Detroit experimental rock & roll band that attempts to compose improvisation, and push the edges of a melodic discordance in pop rock.

Television Faerie Tale – Singer-guitarist Anita Schmaltz (Ass, In Your Hand) laments her state on stage as she merges modern day electronic innovation with storytelling in the king’s court. Heavily influenced by Donovan, Nico and John Cale, TVFT plays as a Pre-Raphaelite painting with word and sound.

May 31st, 2013
4210 Trumbull, Detroit
7pm $6

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