Anti-Nuke Benefit!

Peace Nick in collaboration with Coalition Against Nukes (CAN) and the Alliance to Halt Fermi 3 (ATHF3) presents “Fukushima – the Continuing Disaster”. On the second anniversary of the core meltdown, join us and learn the truth about Fukushima and the myths and lies of the nuclear industry at an educational concert rally featuring the music of:

({[ROCKET(!!!)McFLYY]}) and the Free Radicals
The Insurgency
Poor Player
Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke
Bill Makela

Speakers include: Michael Leonardi – CAN
Jessica Miskena – ATHF3

$5-10 suggested donation

4210 Trumbull
Detroit, Michigan 48208

8:00pm start, doors at 7

Stay tuned for event schedule.

It is MUCH WORSE than you think!

“..from the literature and the New York Academy of Sciences that over a million have died from Chernobyl — from cancers and heart disease and congenital deformities and diabetes, all sorts of things. And it seems from the data that Fukushima is 2.5 to 3.0 times worse in radioactive emissions than Chernobyl.

So therefore you multiply one million by three and this is only the first twenty-five years after Chernobyl. Nuclear accidents never end, because the food remains radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years. They never end.”
Dr. Helen Caldicott, Nobel Peace Prize nominee

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