BRING IT! Political Extravaganza Variety Fun-raiser

December 1st, 2012 off the beaten path of Noel Night…


+LOCAL MUSIC from Bobby Columbo & Billy, Kaitlyn Karie & dj ho-na na na

+PUPPET SHOW from radically surreal Maurice Greenia

+FOOD delicious soups, muffins, hot dogs, hot drinks & desserts!

+HOLIDAY MARKETof Singing Tree cutting boards, Trumbullplex Apothecary tinctures & salves, earrings, prints/posters, postcards…

+POETRY & ZINE READINGS from Kim D. Hunter, Carmen Mendoza King, James Hart III, James La Croix, Scott Farrow, Jhon Clark & Jessika Rae Warren

all ages welcome

Proceeds go to fighting for civil rights as NLG Michigan President John Royal takes it to the Supreme Court!

If you cannot attend, mail check to Martha Waters, 22462 Milner, SCS, MI 48081

As the law stands, an activist that is convicted of a federal crime (and any demonstrators nearby that may have been arrested) can have the Terrorism Enhancement added to their conviction. This allows further punishments to be added to the original punishment for the crime, and a conviction of “terrorism.” There is a window of opportunity to petition a hearing before the Supreme Court to appeal the newly added Terrorism Enhancement. The appeal could change the law for those in the future wishing to have their voices heard. The filing fees will total $1800. Join in this evening and be part of the $1800 to protect the the civil rights of future activists.

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