Sunday, March 4th Show

7 pm $6-$10 sliding scale donation, all ages welcome

Frank Pahl is a musician, composer, innovator, sonic artist, kinetic sound sculptor and one of those Detroit area artists that everyone should know of so every rare show we get from him is a packed house! He has released and or been involved with dozens of projects and recordings, solo or with many co-conspirators. Frank Pahl is a Kresege Fellow, conducts boats (a harbour symphony in New Foundland of boats horns), automatic organs, toys, amazing sculptors and a vast array of instruments. Two of his latest works are the Little Bang Theory and Music for Architecture.

Terminal Orchestra was conceived in the often forgotten part of Michigan, the Upper Peninsula—with its lush forests, slower-paced lifestyle and noncompetitive atmosphere—composer Jesse DeCaire (of Sah) began recording music with friends in 2005 that would later end up on The Terminal Orchestra’s full-length release, The Seasons. What started as a studio outlet for making pastoral movie soundtrack music (for movies that haven’t been made yet) has since ballooned into a live, performing ensemble. Complete with strings and percussion, The Terminal Orchestra has as much in common with contemporary composers/performers such as Nick Cave & Warren Ellis and William Basinski as it does with Ennio Morricone and Igor Stravinksky.

Our Mighty Heartrose like a phoenix from the ashes of their former folk band (Petal Shop). Instead of falling apart, these guys hit back with a vengeance by expanding their sound into electric and folk-rock, and they’re better than they’ve ever been.”

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