Clay Rendering, Ruined, Voluptuous Panic, a death cinematic: November 15


This is a cold, dark, melancholy peninsula. Tara and Mike Connelly are its ambassadors. Darlings of the British press, signed to cult favorite Hospital Productions, this Dearborn couple enjoys a high profile in the world beyond the Great Lakes. Clay Rendering use their charred pulpit to spread a mood that will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s survived a Michigan winter: stark and oppressive, sure, but also strangely soothing.

They owe some of their renown to Mike Connelly’s work with infamous noise bands Wolf Eyes and Hair Police. But this is a more structured, tuneful journey into the darkness. With guitar, electronics, and – perhaps most strikingly – accordion, Clay Rendering play mournful melodies that will haunt you long after your ears have stopped ringing.

The sound is epic and severe. But the songs are lyrical and generous. Grand Rapids gloom duo Ruined use looming riffs and implacable rhythms to share childhood memories and personal musings. The sonic and emotional intensity are almost too much to bear, but a pedalboard fog provides the necessary distance. Those who were present the last time Ruined visited the Trumbullplex still cherish the feeling of new friends opening their hearts. And of bass waves rattling our ribs!


In a genre mesmerized by stasis, Grand Rapids shoegazers Voluptuous Panic are boldly moving forward. The last time they joined us here, core duo Gretchen DeVault and Brian J. Bowe brought along a rock rhythm section. It was a memorable set, but we’re always glad to see bands try something new. So we’re excited to see Voluptuous Panic returning with programmed rhythms, sparkling electronics, and an additional vocalist. Expect a dreamy gleam reminiscent of the Cocteau Twins. And don’t assume you’ll see this incarnation of the band again!


The shadowy figure known as a death cinematic is a master of just the kind of DIY ethic we like to encourage here. Not only does he record a steady stream of solo guitar instrumentals, he releases them in beautifully detailed, labor intensive packaging. Bookbinding, photography, and printmaking are just a few of the crafts used to convey one man’s apocalyptic vision. We’re proud to host a rare live appearance. And we hope our historic art space will provide almost as appropriate a frame as his own handmade wooden boxes.

Occult imagery, a cartoon sensibility, and an 80s palette. These are the hallmarks of Akshully Designs, Cassie McCarthy’s line of soft sculptures and paper goods. From stuffed familiars in crystal colorways to tarot trumps on pastel stickers, Cassie always has a fresh take on the ancient mysteries. It’s beautiful work, and she’s traveling from Grand Rapids to be part of this show, so be sure to stop by the Akshully table!


Walking Graffiti is a handmade line by Flint’s Terra Lockhart, who has previously visited us with her synth pop band Phosphor Elephants. If you like her music, you’ll also enjoy her art, jewelry, and accessories. All her work shares an adorable aesthetic, rooted in fluorescent colors, melting goop, and late 20th century kitsch.


Terra’s also the proprietor of the Strange Brew Vintage Shop, and here, too, her signature style glows brightly. Look for garish sweaters, neon surfwear, and other colorful relics of the 80s.


Saturday, November 15
7 pm
All ages
$6 suggested donation
4210 Trumbull

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