“with his sandcastle house r’lyeh, alive cthulhu sips arties at the secret beach on belle isle”

thanks exponentially to Brach Goodman for forging this masterpiece




Ramshackle Glory, Zebu!, Frank Hurricane, Cheapshow, and The Gator 6/24/14 at The Trumbullplex!

In what is quickly becoming one of the most enjoyable, sweatiest, sing-along-iest summer traditions at the beloved Trumbullplex, Ramshackle Glory is back in town! ZEBU! and Frank Hurricane were heading into town for a show later that week, but bless their hearts, they made a switch and will now be here to join this show! And to give these fine folks the welcome they deserve, your favorite local ruffians Cheapshow and The Gator will be playing as well!

That’s all the exclamation points I can handle. Invite your friends, bring some water, and get ready to wail.

Ramshackle Glory http://ramshackleglory.bandcamp.com/

Zebu! http://zebu.bandcamp.com/

Frank Hurricane http://hurricanesoflove.bandcamp.com/

Cheapshow http://cheapshow.bandcamp.com/

The Gator http://thegator.bandcamp.com/


bros fall back

all ages as always

$6 donation please

doors 7pm

get ready


Marine Corpse (Bloomington), Public Urination, Joshua Allen and the Plague of Frogs – Sunday July 6 at trumbullplex

sunday july 6th: a wonderful evening for a show at the trumbullplex!

featuring marine corpse from bloomington! with members of high dive, there is just so much punk wonderfulness here: http://chrisclavin.bandcamp.com/track/kill-all-celebrities

our good friends public urination are playing along with joshua allen and the plague of frogs too. check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvUTT0aO1-Y and here: http://plagueoffrogs.bandcamp.com/


bros fall back
doors 7pm
all ages as always
$6 donation please

Swimsuit Addition (Chicago), My Pal Val, Tigerlance (Ann Arbor) – Saturday July 12 at trumbullplex

what a mid-july saturday show do we all have for you here! go to small craft earlier in the day, and stick around for this!

Swimsuit Addition from chicago is coming to hang out with us/shred! described by some as brat pop, bubblepunk, dirty surfy, evil beach, gypsylicious, cheerleader grunge, candy thrash, or hellokittywithitseyegougedout, i ask this of you: why let others provide a description when you yourself can hear them play live at your favorite anarchist collective! http://swimsuitaddition.bandcamp.com/

my pal val is playing with them too! shit, it has been a while since they played with us, so it is fuckin wonderful having them back! http://mypalval.bandcamp.com/

and lastly, we have tigerlance! pop-queen-glam-rock-jock-jams-victory pop from ann arbor; oh yes honey! http://tigerlance.bandcamp.com/

doors 7pm, music 9
all ages as always
$6 donation please