Bernays Propaganda (Macedonia!!!), High Dive (Bloomington), Five Pound Snap, Scissor Now! (Ann Arbor), Dirt Shirt (Flint) – Wednesday May 14 @ trumbullplex


continuing our new, completely enthralling tradition of hosting fuckin awesome bands from other countries, we have another doozy of an evening to make wednesday may 14 your best day of the month of may nay spring NAY year!!!!!!!!!

it is time for Bernays Propaganda from holy-shit Macedonia! and yes, they certainly do feature female-fronted punk. HELL YES

High Dive is already coming back with them! queer-positive pop-punk band from Bloomington, Indiana featuring members of Defiance, Ohio and Good Luck), they simply rule. come check them out again!

for some local support, we have the wonderful Five Pound Snap! -groove rock-

“Five Pound Snap sounds like the time I sat in my house and watched the walls melt for 12 hours. That’s the truth.” -Bobby

wait…scissor when?

Scissor Now!


jazz pop punk from Ann Arbor. just listen. i need not describe further

last, but fuck no not least! the dirt shirt from flint! you know sweat? member of sweat here. If Black Sabbath, Tool, & the grunge movement were all raised by punk rock. BAMMM

as always, all ages
no bros no way
$6-10 donation please to hook up bernays
doors 7pm. music over at 11pm

Amanda X (Philly), Radiant Marks, Jeremy Waun @ trumbullplex Tuesday May 13


oh hey! what a most great mid-may show we here at the trumbullpelx have for you all. starring!

Amanda X. Coming all the way from wonderful philly, these three women dish out post punk wave sonic goodness that will get you movin all over the place. Just Dance

Radiant Marks. Featuring members of Chit Chat, surf garage jams await all who dare to enter thy hallowed halls. get down

Jeremy Waun. of reverend lore, jeremy will perform some intimate soloed shredding. i do say, how nice it will be!

no bros no problems
as always, all ages
$6 donation please to give amanda x that gasgas money
doors 7pm
see you there!

darsombra (Baltimore), The Octopus, Collapse – Zombie G-Zus Bongrope 4/20 EXTRAVAGANZA @ Trumbullplex


so easter is on 4-20 this year, huh? WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT. could there be a more divine occurrence out there? me thinks not. so saddle up those bongrippers and head on over to everyone’s favorite anarchist collective, since when the zombies start arising to enlighten us on the sinful lives we all lead, our only hope, as the meat puppets put it, is being too high to die

darsombra – Baltimore psych metal, listen here:

The Octopus – heavy tentacles. listen here:

Collapse – has arisen

no bros

all ages
doors 7pm
$7 donation please

update for tonight!


come early! we will throw open the doors again in advance tonight at 5pm for another matinee performance before the main show. featuring:

Songs and ballads. Accordion and bouzouki. Kayne has been roaming around Europe, exploring various folk traditions. Now he’s touring North America, with tunes and stories he picked up on his travels. He’ll get our evening off to a fun and fascinating start.

We’ll also enjoy some sweet and folksy flute and banjo, from the Trumbullplex’s own Liz and Carl. RIYL: dogs, porches, whiskey.

this music with start around 6pm with food aplenty and so much coffee that you could never possibly drink it all


Allvaret (Sweden), Purple 7 (Bloomington), Gray Beast (Marquette), Team Cabin, Lord Centipede – Friday 4/18 @ Trumbullplex

yes yes YES!

all the way from sweden, allvaret comes to le trumbull to get you dancing like no one’s business with female-fronted pop punk awesomeness. it is a friday in mid-april. the world is our man-eating oyster. see you under the disco ball honey!

oh, and with them, they bring their friends purple 7 from bloomington. featuring members of defiance, ohio, they call it like it is. can you keep up, baby boy?

show will also feature special guests the gray beast from marquette! let the beat drop, and journey to a land of fabled beauty. ewoks? dinosaurs? witches? WE HAVE THEM ALL

as for local support, we have the wonderful team cabin. the noise, it is loud. melt away, will not you?

along with lord centipede! cannot get past the ice levels in addams family for super nes? careen the console down this crevasse

all ages
doors 7pm
$6-10 donation please to give allvaret jet fuel money
Bros Fall Back