Flyer Art Show Closing AND Perfect Pussy, Cloud Rat, My Pal Val, Collapse at the TRUMBULLPLⒺX Friday January 24th!!!

UPDATE FOR THE SHOW ON FRIDAY!!! now, to make this evening even more awesome (is that possible by the way?), we are proud to announce that this show is also going to be the closing for the TRUMBULLPLⒺX’s 20th Anniversary Flyer Art Show which has been occurring since august of last year. so this is your last chance! no excuse can be made! i know some of you have been waiting around, saying you will get to it one of these days. let this coming friday be that day, as you will have no more chances! even if you have seen it before, see it one more time! this installation showcases flyers for events that have taken place at trumbullplex over the past twenty years. come have your mind blown over which bands have played trumbull before, and find the flyer for that one special event in which you too realized that you are ready to burn this shit down! as with most shows that happen anywhere, doors are far earlier than when music actually begins. but that is just not so with this night! promptly at 7pm, doors will open to allow you maximal time for flyer art viewing, and the divine DJ Dr. Doom along with his Animal Friends (that means you Pico!) will start serenading you with the most crucial tunes, hand-picked very arduously to best enhance your said viewing experience. for what more could one ask? how about light food and drink refreshments to begin and then one of the most fucking incredible shows set to occur in recent memory. just so we are all on the same page, each band in female-fronted, and the fucking fact that this almost never happens (well hell, even having one female in any of the bands at most shows is rare) is COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT. come celebrate the completely radical possibilities that exist within all of us with fucking awesome people and music!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 3.30.22 PM

Perfect Pussy, Cloud Rat, My Pal Val, Collapse at the TRUMBULLPLⒺX Friday January 24th!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 3.30.22 PMholy shit! this is actually happening! mosey on over to Hour Detroit’s ® number one ranked sexiest anarchist collective on friday january 24th. for real. we will all be in the midst of a doozy of a winter which i am, writing this now, already quite over, even though it has just begun. so let us all find hope in this evening. bring your friends and meet new radical people. check out the zine library and gain some awesome novel knowledge. and there are heaters! i really cannot come up with a reason for you not to go

STARRING (in alphabetical order):

Cloud Rat. yes, you read correctly, cloud rat is playing! whoo! everyone loves cloud rat, and, really, why would you not? THEY KICK SO MUCH FUCKIN ASS. oh, actually, i can think of a reason why you would not like them: if you are a proponent of capitalism, in which case, i have found a reason for you to not go to the show

Collapse. hell yeah collapse is going to play too! you probably have heard them before. if not, check this out: are you down with the sickness? well good, because i am not and neither is collapse. why rock the boat when you can sink the fucker? oh yeah, another reason for you to not go to the show: if you are a rapist or a proponent of rape culture

My Pal Val. their triumphant return! you also probably know them, and along with that, you know that they rip so hard! as if you had any doubt about whether or not you would go to this show, you now have your definitive answer

and last but certainly not least, the special guest for the evening, Perfect Pussy! ex-shoppers fuzzed-out female-fronted punk wonderfulness from new york, check them out here: and then come see them at the show!


we should still have some 2014 planners if you would like one