The Max Levine Ensemble

Monday, December 19th

The Max Levine Ensemble (DC) – Spazzy wonderful pop punk fronted by David Combs of Spoonboy. Dance your ass off.

High Dive (Bloomington, IN) – New pop punk band with Tobey Foster and Ryan Woods of Defiance, Ohio. Really cute. Makes me want to hold hands.

Sweat (Flint) – Incredible heavy band that will blow your mind.

DJ Honanana- Awesome DJ. Bound to make you dance your ass off. Seriously. Bring surgical tape.

Bring some extra money and grab a Slingshot organizer from the Zine Library while you’re here.

at the Trumbullplex! Where else!
4210 Trumbull, Detroit, MI, 48208
doors at 7pm. $6 donation. or more if you want. wear a coat.


Slingshots and Posters

Tired of the endless consumerist nature of Christmas time? Looking to plan a little escape from capitalism by taking a trip to your local Anarchist zine library? WELL THINK AGAIN! The zine library has got Slingshot organizers and a fuckton of posters from the Justseeds artist collective just for you. That’s right. You personally. Get something for your parents, your siblings, your dog, your grandma, your friends, your neighbors, your doctor, your mail carrier, your bus driver, your teachers, yourself. Get something for everybody. Hey, want to impress that person you always glance at over the top of your book that you see everyday at the coffee shop? Nothing says “I love you, but am incapacitated by my shyness to the point of not being able to just say hi to you” like a Slingshot Organizer or Justseeds poster.

So stop by the Zine Library between 2pm-6pm on Tuesdays and Saturdays to get yours.