Wish List

popcorn kernals for our popcorn maker. and cocunut oil.
volunteers for work days!
Zine Library:
Working color scanner/printer
arts and crafts supplies for makng zines and flyers and buttons!
folks who want to pick up an open hour shift! we love volunteers!
donations of basic needs supplies (toilet paper and such)
we are seeking advice on how to fix up the exterior of one of our houses.
tools of all sorts! we can always use more tools. so when we have work days we can get more done!
please email trumbullplex@gmail.com, or drop off at an event or during zine library open hours.
Thanks. We love you.

One Response to Wish List

  1. Connor McCloud says:

    Hello, I may have some of the things you are looking for. I’m a licensed master electrician, and an EPA certified refrigerant technician. I have tons of extra tools, appliances, and building materials. please contact me at your soonest convenience. My number is 567-288-8633. Text is usually the best way to get ahold of me thank you for your time.

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