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The Fifth Annual Vigina Show

Feb 11th 8:30-11pm V-Day Celebration featuring Local Artist, Activist, And Hot Chocolate.  Safe Al-Ages event! Coloring Pages From the Cunt Coloring Book, by Tee Corine. Create Women’s Health Trivia.

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River Spirit / Whet / Image Over Being / Age Ain’t Nothin Jan 21st 8pm 6 bones

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Shoppers, Population, Esper, Old Soul

Saturday, January 29th 2012 Shoppers- sweet noise straight from the diary Population- Chicago post death Esper- Detroit boot gaze Old Soul- Sweet hurricane of sound Doors at 7 $6

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Midwinter Boredom Fest

Friday, February 10, 2012 Cheerleader- riot grrrl Due North- pop punk Clockwork- Lifetime-ish Break Anchor- pop punk Unsinkable Molly Brown- punk All Eyes West- post-punk fugazi-ish Cheap Girls- shoegazy(kinda) rock Holy shit! That’s 7 fucking bands. Doors at 7. $6

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